Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

The year is coming to an end and I have been so busy training for the annual dance show I was participating in that the bears went into hibernation for a while. The show was a great success and I just loved to perform with the Argentine Tango and West Coast Swing Team at the Juan Rando Dance Academy Annual Show.
For 2012 I will take it a bit slower with my bears and as I will be going back home to Switzerland for 6 weeks I will also be attending less shows. Nonetheless, there will still be workshops at my studio every second Sunday and I will be exhibiting in Sydney and Woodend/Melbourne. All my bears will also be available from my website any time.
I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and the best for 2012 and thank you so much for all the support this past year.
I hope, I will hear from you soon.
Beary hugs Silvia