Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ACD Awards

I had a wonderful time in Adelaide teaching workshops and all the bears/cats/raccoons turned out beautifully! I just got off the plane in Perth and arrived home when the storm and the hail started. Boy, was I glad I was not on that plane anymore!!!! We were lucky and apart from a broken branch that flattened a few plants in the backyard do not have any other storm damage. So, after all this excitement I had another workshop at my studio and approx. 4 days to create my ACD Award Critter. This required thinking outside the box as fantasie is not usually my thing. But I love my creation!!!! I hope you will too - unfortunately, you have to wait till June to see it... For more information click on the logo on the right.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Time is flying by

My god, it is already a week since the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair - I really don't know what happened to the time. I had a ball at the show and many bears have found new homes. Hendrix and Melyna were especially thrilled as they went on a trip to Singapore! All in all, a very successful show and I really enjoyed catching up with everybody - traders and collectors alike! On my way home I was stranded at Sydney airport due to the storms in Melbourne. I can now truly say that I know the airport as I had a 6 hours stay there.

The organisation for the workshop in Switzerland is now in full swing and I am so excited about it. You will also notice that the bears will slightly change again. I have something in mind but you have to wait and see.

I have also just finished the new designs for Teddy Bears of Witney 2011 and I am in the process of designing and making an exclusive critter for the ACD Awards in June.

More news to be revealed shortly - so stay tuned.